Carry On Columbus
Gerald Thomas
John Goldstone
Dave Freeman
John Antrobus
Release Date(s)
October 1992
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Carry On Columbus (1992) is the 31st and last (to date) film in the Carry On series, following 1978's Carry On Emmannuelle. The only main series regulars present are Jim Dale (in his 11th Carry On), Peter Gilmore (in his 11th Carry On), Bernard Cribbins (in his third Carry On), Leslie Phillips (in his fourth Carry On), Jon Pertwee (in his fourth carry on) and June Whitfield (also in her fourth Carry On). The only actor to bridge the gap between Carry On Columbus and the previous entry was Jack Douglas, making his eighth appearance in the series. It coincided with the production of two serious films commemorating the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' discovery of the Americas. The producers managed to persuade a number of alternative comedians such as Peter Richardson, Alexei Sayle, Rik Mayall, Julian Clary and Nigel Planer to appear in the film. Original Carry On performer Frankie Howerd was signed up to appear, but he died shortly before he was due to film his role. His part as the King of Spain was offered to original series regular Bernard Bresslaw, who turned it down. Leslie Phillips eventually took on the role, playing opposite June Whitfield as the Queen, a role turned down by both Joan Sims and Barbara Windsor. This was to be the last film that Gerald Thomas directed, as he died on 9 November 1993. Carry On mastermind Peter Rogers died on 14 April 2009.


Carry On

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