Carry On Cruising
Gerald Thomas
Peter Rogers
Norman Hudis
Release Date(s)
April 1962
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Carry On Cruising is the sixth Carry On film and was released in 1962. It was the first in the Carry On to be filmed in colour and was based on an original story by Eric Barker. P&O - Orient Lines were thanked in the credits. Regulars Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Kenneth Connor appear in the movie. Joan Sims and Charles Hawtrey are missing. Sims took ill shortly before filming began and was replaced by Dilys Laye, making her Carry On debut, at four days' notice. Hawtrey would be back for the next entry whilst Sims would return two years later in Carry On Cleo. Liz Fraser notches up the second of her four appearances here. Lance Percival makes his only appearance in the series in Carry On Cruising, playing the ship's chef.

Carry On Cruising - UK Trailer

Carry On Cruising - UK Trailer

Carry On Cruising Trailer


Captain Wellington Crowther (Sid James) has his work cut out when hopeless new recruits Dr Arthur Binn (Kenneth Connor) and First Officer Leonard Marjoribanks (Kenneth Wi liams) joins his crew on the Happy Wanderer. With man-eating Flo (Dilys Laye) and Glad (Liz Fraser), not to mention barmy biddy Bridget Madderley (Esma Cannon), on board, it looks like it'll be all hands on desk!


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