Carry On Emmannuelle
Gerald Thomas
Peter Rogers
Lance Peters
Release Date(s)
November 1978
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Carry On Emmannuelle is the 30th Carry On film, and was released in 1978. This was the last Carry On film to be made until Carry On Columbus in 1992. The film was to be the final Carry On for many regulars including Kenneth Williams (in his 26th Carry On), Kenneth Connor (in his 17th Carry On), Joan Sims (in her 24th Carry On) and Peter Butterworth (in his 16th Carry On). Jack Douglas is the only actor to bridge the gap between Carry On Emmannuelle and Carry On Columbus. Beryl Reid and Suzanne Danielle make their one and only appearances in the series here. The film featured a change in style, becoming more openly sexual. This was highlighted by the implied behaviour of Suzanne Danielle, though she does not bare any more flesh than any other Carry On female lead. These changes brought the film closer to the then popular series of X-rated Confessions... comedies, or indeed the official Emmanuelle films it parodies. This was the only film in the series to be certified AA by the then British Board of Film Censors. This restricted audiences to those aged fourteen and over.

Carry On Emmannuelle - UK Trailer

Carry On Emmannuelle - UK Trailer

Carry On Emmannuelle Trailer


  • Llewellyn Rees as Lord Chief Justice
  • Steve Plytas as Arabian official
  • Joan Benham as Cynical lady
  • Marianne Maskell as Nurse in hospital
  • Louise Burton as Girl at zoo
  • Dino Shafeek as Immigration officer
  • David Hart as Customs officer
  • Gertan Klauber as German soldier
  • Malcolm Johns as Sentry
  • John Carlin as French parson
  • Guy Ward as Dandy
  • James Fagan as Concorde steward
  • John Hallet as Substitute football player
  • Deborah Brayshaw as French buxom blonde
  • Suzanna East as Colette
  • Bruce Wylie as Football referee
  • Philip Clifton as Injured footballer
  • Stanley McGeagh as Fleet Street journalist
  • Bill Hutchinson as 1st reporter
  • Neville Ware as 2nd reporter
  • Jane Norman as 3rd reporter
  • Nick White as Sent-off footballer

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