Carry On England
Gerald Thomas
Peter Rogers
David Pursall
Jack Seddon
Release Date(s)
October 1976
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Carry On England is the 28th Carry On film. It was released in 1976 and featured Carry On regulars Kenneth Connor, Jack Douglas, Joan Sims and Peter Butterworth. It was second and final Carry On film for Windsor Davies, Diane Langton, and Peter Jones, while Patrick Mower, Judy Geeson and Melvyn Hayes make their only Carry On appearance. It was followed by Carry On Emmannuelle in 1978.

Carry On England - UK Trailer

Carry On England - UK Trailer

Carry On England Trailer


  • John Carlin as Officer
  • Vivienne Johnson as Freda
  • Michael Nightingale as Officer
  • Jeremy Connor as Gunner Hiscocks
  • Richard Olley as Gunner Parker
  • Peter Banks as Gunner Thomas
  • Richard Bartlett as Gunner Drury
  • Billy J Mitchell as Gunner Childs
  • Peter Quince as Gunner Sharpe
  • Paul Toothill as Gunner Gale
  • Tricia Newby as Bombardier/Corporal Murray
  • Louise Burton as Private Evans
  • Jeannie Collings as Private Edwards
  • Barbara Hampshire as Private Carter
  • Linda Regan as Private Taylor
  • Barbara Rosenblat as ATS girl

Carry On

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