Carry On Girls
Gerald Thomas
Peter Rogers
Talbot Rothwell
Release Date(s)
November 1973
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Carry On Girls is the 25th Carry On film, released in Britain in 1973. The film is notable for being the first not to feature either Kenneth Williams or Charles Hawtrey. Williams was appearing in a West End play, My Fat Friend. Hawtrey had been dropped from the series the year before. The film features regulars Sid James, Barbara Windsor, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor<, Bernard Bresslaw and Peter Butterworth. Patsy Rowlands makes her seventh appearance in the series. Jack Douglas makes his third appearance, this time upgraded to a main role. Jimmy Logan makes a guest appearance in his second and final Carry On.

Carry On Girls - UK Trailer

Carry On Girls - UK Trailer

Carry On Girls Trailer


  • Patricia Franklin as Rosemary
  • Brian Osborne as "Half a quid" citizen
  • Bill Pertwee as Fire chief
  • Marianne Stone as Miss Drew
  • Brenda Cowling as Matron
  • Zena Clifton as Susan Brooks
  • Laraine Humphrys as Eileen Denby
  • Pauline Peart as Gloria Winch
  • Caroline Whitaker as Mary Parker
  • Barbara Wise as Julia Oates
  • Carol Wyler as Maureen Darcy
  • Mavise Fyson as Francis Cake
  • Billy Cornelius as Constable
  • Edward Palmer as Elderly resident
  • Michael Nightingale as City gent
  • Hugh Futcher as "There's Fiddler" citizen
  • Elsie Winsor as Cloakroom attendant
  • Nick Hobbs as Stunt double
  • Ron Tarr as Bearded man

Carry On

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