Carry On Jack
Gerald Thomas
Peter Rogers
Talbot Rothwell
Release Date(s)
November 1963
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Carry on Jack is the eighth movie in the Carry On film series and was released in 1963. Most of the usual Carry On team are missing from this film: only Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey appear throughout. Bernard Cribbins makes the first of his three appearances in a Carry On. Juliet Mills, Donald Houston and Cecil Parker make their only Carry On appearances in this film. Carry on Jack was the second of the series to be filmed in colour and the first Carry On film with a historical setting and period costumes.

Carry On Jack - UK Trailer

Carry On Jack - UK Trailer

Carry On Jack Trailer


Fresh-faced Albert Poop-Decker (Bernard Cribbins) has his post of midshipman on the HMS Venus stolen by the saucy Sally (Juliet Mills). With the hapless hero press-ganged onto the galleon instead, he attempts to persuade Captain Fearless (Kenneth Williams) that he is indeed a true midshipman. Will the cowardly captain see the error of his ways or will Poop-Decker walk the plank? Carry On watching!


  • Anton Rodgers as Hardy
  • Michael Nightingale as Town Crier
  • Frank Forsyth as Second Sealord
  • John Brooking as Third Sealord
  • Barrie Gosney as Coach driver
  • Jan Mazurus as Spanish Captain
  • Vivian Ventura as Spanish secretary
  • Marianne Stone as Girl at Dirty Dicks
  • Sally Douglas as Girl at Dirty Dicks
  • Dorinda Stevens as Girl at Dirty Dicks
  • Jennifer Hill as Girl at Dirty Dicks
  • Rosemary Manley as Girl at Dirty Dicks
  • Dominique Don as Girl at Dirty Dicks
  • Marian Collins as Girl at Dirty Dicks
  • Jean Hamilton as Girl at Dirty Dicks

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