Carry On Spying
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Gerald Thomas
Peter Rogers
Talbot Rothwell
Sid Colin
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June 1964
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Carry On Spying is a 1964 film, the ninth movie in the Carry On film series. It marks Barbara Windsor's first appearance in the series. Series regulars Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey and Jim Dale are present. Bernard Cribbins makes the second of his three Carry On appearances (although it would be 28 years before he returned). Eric Barker appears for his third entry (his final appearance would be in Carry On Emmannuelle 14 years later). Dilys Laye returns after her debut in Carry On Cruising. Carry On Spying is the last Carry On film shot in black and white.

Carry On Spying - UK Trailer

Carry On Spying - UK Trailer

Carry On Spying Trailer


Milchmann (Victor Maddern) does more than deliver milk when he strolls into high-security site and steals a top-secret formula. News of the theft soon reaches the Chief (Eric Barker) at Secret Service HQ, who calls up half-witted spy Desmond Simkins (Kenneth Williams) and three bumbling British agents to investigate. Will Simkins and his spying sidekicks recover the formula? Carry on Watching!


  • Jill Mai Meredith as Cigarette girl
  • Angela Ellison as Cloakroom girl
  • Hugh Futcher as Bed of nails native
  • Norah Gordon as Elderly woman
  • Jack Taylor as Thug
  • Bill Cummings as Thug
  • Anthony Baird as Guard
  • Patrick Durkin as Guard
  • Virginia Tyler as Funhouse girl
  • Judi Johnson as Funhouse girl
  • Gloria Best as Funhouse girl
  • Audrey Wilson as Amazon guard
  • Vicky Smith as Amazon guard
  • Jane Lumb as Amazon guard
  • Marian Collins as Amazon guard
  • Sally Douglas as Amazon guard
  • Christine Rodgers as Amazon guard
  • Maya Koumani as Amazon guard

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